It seems like we are all crunched for time. We need to work to pay the bills, but we need our girlfriends to keep us sane! I am a very scheduled person. Ask my friends, they will agree. My monthly calendar is always jam-packed with happy hours, dinners, concerts, etc. I enjoy being busy. I just think life is way too short to not say “yes” to a dinner date with a friend. With that said, I’ve found it’s sometimes easier to under promise and over deliver.

I have a couple girlfriends that I meet up with quarterly. It started out as a gourmet dinner club; we wanted to try the newest restaurant. Now, we’ve dialed down the cost and just pick a favorite spot. The key is we don’t stress about planning something once a week or once a month. We go with the seasons. Just because we don’t meet up as often, doesn’t mean our time together is less important.

So if you are stressing that you don’t have enough hours in the day and can’t possibly say “yes” to another night out with your girlfriends, think about the quality, not the quantity. If you can only make it every other month or quarterly, it’s OK! Your girlfriends will enjoy every little moment.

How do you juggle your busy schedule? Do you have any tips on how you stay connected in this over scheduled world?