One of the reasons I love to facilitate Pink Tambourine Club workshops is because I always walk away inspired and full of great ideas from the attendees. A couple months ago, a woman shared this AMAZING idea with our group. When she sends a birthday card or makes a birthday call, she answers, “Why I Like You.” Can you imagine being the recipient of one of these cards or calls? A couple of her friends were with her and both chimed in that it was an annual highlight. They aren’t always sappy sentiments; they can sometimes be a bit goofy or irreverent. I absolutely LOVE this idea and want to start sharing these “Why I Like You” sentiments with my friends and family.

We’ve been brainstorming ways we can celebrate National Girlfriends Day on August 1. Let’s put this great idea into action and compile a HUGE list of “Why we like our girlfriends!”

Each person who submits a comment below by answering “Why I Like My Girlfriends” will be eligible for a necklace and earring set from AnnMade in Minnesota valued at $70.

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